NTM is back open!  The vacation was wonderful but i'm happy to be back to business. There are some exciting things in the works for 2014 so stay tuned!


What is Thai Massage?

  • Thai Massage can be intensely Therapeutic, or Deeply relaxing, or Both, depending on what your specific need is.  
  • Thai massage is more than just a modality of massage. It is instead a philosophy of bodywork; a way of approaching the body in a way that honors the state it is currently in, yet seeks to move it beyond that, towards a greater balance and harmony.  
  • The client wears comfortable clothing and lays on a soft floor mat while the practitioner uses gentle yoga like stretches and compression to clear and open the body.  
  • The feeling is one of deep relaxation, combined with a clarity of mind, and a loose, nimble body.