Customized Table Massage

 At Nashville Wellness we believe that bodies are too complex to have to choose just one massage style for each visit. That is why our therapists will discuss your individual needs prior to each session to determine what modalities they need to incorporate to benefit your body best. 
maybe you have a knot in your shoulder, and you need to get that worked out, but you also really just need some smooth relaxing swedish strokes. Or perhaps you need some deep tissue work but you also need some stretching (table thai). There are a multitude of reasons why you might need more than one modality at a time, but if you just need one, we can do that too!

Benefits of massage: 

1. Helps reduce anxiety and can benefit those suffering anxiety and depression (by helping promote a healthy mind/body connection. Not intended as a cure or to replace medication if needed)
2. Helps reduce insomnia
3. Improves circulation and the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the cells
4. Reduce pain associated with fibromyalgia
5. Increase healing from sports related injuries

30 minutes $ 40;  60 MINUTES $ 75



For reservations or information:

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