Nashville Thai Massage

  • NTM was established Nov 18th 2011 with the intention of creating the first massage establishment in Nashville focusing exclusively on Thai Massage.  It is our mission to constantly and consistently grow in our practice to meet the ever changing needs of our client. We seek to maintain a student mindset, to be always open to learning and adapting our practice and ourselves to meet that new knowledge.  






 Christopher Michael Heberly  LMT/CTP

  • Attended and graduated from Natural Health Institute under Jaya Seeley in 2008/09
  • First studied Thai Massage with Jon Mandeville of Therathai where he completed the 200 hour practitioner program in 2009
  • Received his Massage Therapy License from the state of Tennessee in 2010
  • He further studied Thai with Master Pichest Boonthoom in Chiang Mai, Thailand in March of 2012
  • Opened Nashville Thai Massage in the fall of 2011



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Jacob Hopkins, LMT

  • Graduated from the Natural Health Institute in 2009 and received massage license that same year
  • Studied Thai Massage under Jon Mandeville, finishing the 200 hour practitioner program in 2010
  • Completed Bachelor's degree from Middle Tennessee State University in 2013
  • Joined Christopher Heberly at Nashville Thai Massage in 2014

Honors and thanks:  

Jon Mandeville

  • It is fair to say that NTM would not exist if not for the continued support, education and inspiration of Jon.  He has been a vital part of the growth of not only the business of Nashville Thai Massage, but also the personal development of the owner.  

Emily Spence

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  • Emily and her amazing talent is the creative force behind the Nashville Thai Massage logo.  Her ability to listen and understand the intentions of her clients enables her to create works that truly meet their needs.