Redeeming Your Vouchers:

We are sorry to announce that effective immediately we have ended our relationship with groupon. We have appreciated our dealings with them in the past and this is not reflective of their service to their customers. we simply felt it was in our current and future clients' best interest that we discontinue that effort. 

**  If you purchased a groupon or living social voucher, you should be contacted soon with next steps. It is my understanding that in these cirumstances they offer either a full refund or a matched alternative with another provider. 

**  If you were given a groupon or living social as a gift: Please email (preferred) or call us @ or 615-290-5773 and we will discuss what options you have available. You should also be able to contact groupon/living social about getting a replacement voucher to another provider.

**  If you have an expired groupon or living social: as it says on your voucher, the amount you paid (money spent) will always be valid and can be used towards any session. Just go back to the previous page and choose the session. Please add a note to your booking telling us you will be using the paid value of your voucher.


We are deeply sorry for any trouble or frustration this causes. to show our appreciation for your interest in our services, we are offering a $10 discount on any 6o minute service if you show your voucher (non-expired vouchers only).

Thank you all!