The Thai approach the body as an entire system.  


Traditionally the body is seen as having lines of energy that connect and affect it.   These lines are called Sen Lines

  • There are Ten primary lines with Sen Sumana being the "big one".  Sen Sumana bifurcates the body hemispherically, running from the top of the head to the groin.  All of the other 6 major lines and their lesser lines support Sen Sumana.  
  • As the lines of energy become blocked they manifest as illness, injury, anxieties, mental and emotional distress, etc.  
  • The goal of thai massage is to "break up" these blockages and free the energy to move and cleanse the body.  The Thai Massage practitioner works along the body, sensing where these blockages are, and uses various means to open the lines back up.  
  • Some of the tools used by the practitioner are Deep compression on the body, Blood Stops (holding compression over an artery), Stretching, Acupressure, etc.
  • The end result of a session is not necessarily that the body is "worked" or that it feels better, but that it IS better.  In this way the body can heal itself and the pain and discomfort that were present before are no longer there.  By allowing the body to heal, as opposed to simply addressing the symptom, it will feel better for longer.