* WE NO LONGER ACCEPT GRATUITIES AT NASHVILLE THAI MASSAGE.  The prices are reflective of our time and abilities and we feel that by not accepting gratuities we can honor that time more completely.  Scroll below the booking widget for a more in-depth explanation. 


Why don't we accept gratuities?

Essentially I have a deep belief that clear pricing leads to a peaceful mind. 

My favorite coffee shop includes the tax in the price on their menu.  If the item says $2.50, when you go to pay, you only pay $2.50.  There is a great simplicity in this.  

If you have $2.50 in your pocket and you want a coffee, you know that you can go in and purchase the coffee.  Most stores that sell things add the tax at the register.  So if you want a coffee that costs $2.47 and you have $2.50 in your pocket, are you going to be able to buy that coffee?  It's not that the math is hard, it's that having to do that math for every single purchase is exhausting.  Many people, in fact i would say that the vast majority of people, who run the local economy (the purchasers) do so with a certain amount of anxiety.  There is number crunching, the weighing of needs, the quick check on the banking app before they get to the counter, the putting an item back on the shelf because it doesn't quite fit in the budget.

The tax at the register situation isn't going away anytime soon. It is something uniquely American, born from our rebellion against a government who taxed at will. Its intention was purely transparency and while it's safe to say we could probably re-evaluate the necessity of such a convention, it is probably here to stay for a while yet. 

The same principle applies to tipping. Especially in our modern culture where there is a tip jar at seemingly every register, it can seem a little overwhelming. It adds the same anxiety as the tax add-on does. An ambiguity is built that produces uncertainty. Uncertainty is a breeding ground for anxiety. 
If you're coming for a massage, you don't need additional concern, you need to relax! 
At Nashville Thai Massage, we work for ourselves. There is no one else taking a cut of our income (except the usual expenses) so there's no reason for our clients to supplement our wage. If you liked the massage, great! Tell your friends! Write a review on Yelp or our website! 
I would much rather have those who are able to tip to put that money towards a future session than to cause someone who can't tip to NOT get a session because they couldn't afford the additional expense. 

So that, in a long winded nutshell, is why we don't accept gratuity at NTM. :)