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Thai massage is a form of therapeutic healing. It is a dance between the practitioner and client that leaves the body feeling free and open, the mind calm and clear, and the spirit fresh. 
There are many forms of Thai massage, from strict, series based sessions that follow a set of rules to work through the body, to intuition based practices where the practitiioner intuites their way in working the body. Our practice follows the intuition. There is no right or wrong, only preference.  In a typical Thai session at our studio you can expect that the work will be tailored to you.  Your therapist will first assess your body and then use a series of deep, gentle stretches, acupressure, focused compression and breath-work to address and correct whatever issues you may have.

After the session is over your body should feel soft, warm and relaxed. Your mind should feel calm and centered and meditative. 



some of the benefits of thai massage:

  • a calm, peaceful mind.
  • loose, mobile joints
  • increased blood flow to the skin and joints, promoting healing
  • deeper, slower breath.
  • balanced skeletal system
  • pain relief
  • better posture
  • alleviation of sciatic pain
  • stress reduction
  • headache relief
  • general neck/shoulder tension release